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To antenner i Prosjektrom Helium11.jpg

To antenner

Pamphlet in 25 editions, with variations of pages and inserts of original artworks. Handmade during the one week workshop in Helium.

Dok To antenner_NY07.jpg
Dok To antenner_NY.jpg
Dok To antenner_NY_D8S8672.jpg
Dok To antenner_NY06.jpg
Dok To antenner_NY_D8S8834-2.jpg

Documentation view from To antenner, 

a collaboration with Anja Bjørshol in 

Prosjektrom Helium, Fredrikstad, 2023

Dok To antenner_NY_D8S8767.jpg
To antenner i Prosjektrom Helium13.jpg
To antenner i Prosjektrom Helium22.jpg
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